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Expo West 2017: For the Body & Soul

Written by Vera Adamovich I always enjoy attending Expo West in Anaheim in search of new trends and interesting finds in categories where our GRA clients compete. As a former Nestle and Kraft Foods brand professional, I am typically hyper … Keep Reading»


Expo West 2017: The Power of Paleo

Written by Vera Adamovich, Chief Marketing Officer While attending Expo West in Anaheim this year, I was interested in tracking new trends in the Paleolithic, also known as the paleo, caveman or stone-age, diet. I wanted to see if the … Keep Reading»


A Designer’s View: Natural Product Expo East

       Written by Jacquelyn Olivieri A Designer’s View: Natural Product Expo East As a designer exploring the show floors of the Natural Product Expo East through a very large and cacophonous Baltimore Convention Center, one can not help but … Keep Reading»


Small is the New Big

       Written by Emma Oyomba In the world of advertising and marketing there are hundreds of firms, both big and small, that prospective clients can choose from. While some might think bigger is better, that is not always … Keep Reading»


Celebrating the Rebirth of the Boutique Packaging Agency

      Written by Fred Gammon In the Beginning Package Design as a marketing tool emerged at the same time as businesses were putting consumer goods into packages for wide distribution in the early 20th century. The great practitioners … Keep Reading»