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Private Labels Need a New Look

  Written by Emma Oyomba Just Because You Are a Private Label, Doesn’t Mean You Have to Look like a Private Label. About ten years ago, I had my first direct experience with a private label product. I was grocery … Keep Reading»


Making the Best Use On-Pack of Your Health Claims and Benefit

Written by Yaritsa Arenas Consumers want healthy foods, and while the reasons why vary by demographic, it’s clear many are turning to healthy foods to prevent illness, and sustain a healthy lifestyle and live a longer life. The global organic … Keep Reading»


From the Grocery Aisle to the Streets

Written by Jennah An As you walk through the isle of your local grocery, you will find brands such as Chobani, Amy’s Kitchen, and Nestlé on the shelves on any given day. What you may not know is that you … Keep Reading»


Navigating the Natural Channel

Written by Kelly Criswell What many people believed was a fad, is here to stay. The natural channel is quickly growing, as consumers (especially millennials!) care more and more about what goes into their body. As people convert to “organic” … Keep Reading»


“Big Food” Sees “Big Problem”

Written by Jennah An We have heard many times that the only thing constant is change. So why should consumer trends differ? Big Food Companies such as Kraft, Kellogg’s, General Mills, are facing the harsh reality that many of their … Keep Reading»